Who we are?

INITI.org is a creative platform for audio-visual research. We bring together creative people and state-of-the-art technology. Visual artists, technicians and musicians, all working together to design site-specific projects that combine visuals with sound. Our passion is building playful interactive environments that engage a person’s sense of wonder, in order to both educate and entertain. Based in Prague, Czech Republic, open to exploring world markets. More about INITI previous projects at INITI.org.

Our expertise lets us deploy the latest innovative creative tools to engage audiences in un- precedented ways. The essence of our audiovisual installations lies in the transformation of real space into an illusionary environment by augmenting the familiar, natural world with a thin coating of interactive magic.

We are masters of projection techniques for buildings (interiors and exteriors) and objects (stationary and moving), and are always envisioning and exploring new ways to embed interactive audiovisual content in various contexts – including unique architecture.